“ACONSZ” as the word goes its A TO Z of construction. ACONSZ.COM is the product of ACONSZ CONSTROPRODUCTS PVT LTD.It is the brain child of a civil engineer by profession.The company is situated in the city of PUNE,INDIA.

Idea behind creating ACONSZ.COM is to give a single platform to all the trades related to the field of civil engineering like consultant and designers,architects,engineers,contractors,labours and the construction material manufacturers and traders.We would also be providing information related to construction and various products of Constructions on ACONSZPEDIA.It would be the encyclopedia for field of construction with all latest updates.

Bringing transparency in field of construction is the main purpose behind starting the website portal ,where common man who uses the website feels satisfied with work carried out by agencies who are listed on website.Construction agencies get continuous business throughout the year in desired location.Our motto is also to cater smallest of small to biggest of big in field of construction.To cater the smallest of small we have designed separate field for labours where they can get themselves registered and create a wonderful profile with images and videos of themselves so that they can get continuous work in desired area and location.If you are Engineers,Contractors and Businessman into business related to various trades in the field of construction. It would be a state of art advertising platform where even small businesses will be able to advertise by paying just a small amount.

We the TEAM ACONSZ urge all persons and trades related to construction sector to join aconsz.com

Lets Connect and create a loop,a bridge between a Consultant,a Designer,a Engineer,a Contractor,a Laborer and A Common Man.

In the 21st century when everyone and everything around us is becoming smart,with various smart applications.I find that we as Civil Engineers or The Whole Civil Engineering field is some way is lagging to become really smart. Time has come to accept that we need to change.